大发软件下载 values complaints from anyone who interacts with our services and we appreciate feedback from individuals on their interactions with, 以及大学的观察. Comments on University activities and decisions are welcome and where clarification or requests for decisions to be explained more fully are sought, 这些从源头上迅速做出反应.

In recognition of that, on occasion, there will be legitimate complaints that individuals wish to raise, the University is committed to maintaining an effective 投诉处理程序(卫生防护中心). 大发软件也承认可以从抱怨中吸取教训, enabling us to improve the quality and effectiveness of our services.


The CHP is designed to ensure that complaints are properly investigated and are given careful and fair consideration. The CHP can be used by anyone who interacts with the University, including:

  • Current students
  • Applicants
  • 应届毕业生
  • Members of the public

If you wish to raise a concern about the conduct of a 大发软件 student, this sits outwith the CHP and you should submit your concerns to  Similarly, if you have concerns about the Students' Association please contact the Students' Association direct.  Members of 大发软件 staff who wish to raise a concern about matters related to their employment should do this via the University's 员工冲突及投诉政策 

If you wish to make a complaint relating to racism or gender-based and sexual violence or misconduct by a student or member of staff, you can do that via or by telephoning 0.  Your complaint will be treated sensitively and you will be informed of the support that is available to you. If you have experienced gender-based and sexual violence or misconduct, 您可能希望直接联系大发软件的急救员.  First Responders have received training in listening and responding to disclosures of gender-based violence. They can provide information and signpost you to sources of support both internally and externally. 该资源可供教职员工和学生使用.

You can also make a report about any form of inappropriate or offensive behaviour via Report and Support.  您可以进行两种类型的报告 Report and Support. You can choose to tell us either anonymously, or by including your name and contact details.  Please note, if reports are submitted anonymously the University is limited in the action it can take, 大发软件可以提供的支持, and the reporter will not receive any information relating to any potential action taken. Also, Report and Support is not designed to receive urgent reports. 如果你需要立即的支持或感到危机, we have listed several support and emergency services contact details on the 大发软件下载健康网页 you may find helpful.  If you submit a report in Report and Support and supply your details you will be contacted within two working days of submission of a report. The Report and Support tool is monitored 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday, 不包括公众假期及大学停课期间.

Making a Complaint

The 投诉处理程序(卫生防护中心) involves up to two stages and adheres, as far as possible, 到指定的时间表.  Anyone wishing to raise a complaint about a matter which is the responsibility of the University, 一定要通过程序这样做吗.

大发软件下载投诉程序 卫生防护中心第五部投诉人指南


If you are considering making a complaint to the University, you should first:

  • Try to sort out the problem with those who are directly involved.  
    General complaints are resolved more easily and effectively at an early stage and by those who have a direct influence on the situation. 大发软件称之为“前线解决方案”.
  • 看看下面的指导和信息部分.
  • If you are a student, you may wish to contact a Student Adviser at the 大发软件下载学生会 for advice and support. 大发软件SA Student Advisers have a great deal of relevant experience and knowledge of University procedures and can support students throughout the complaints process.


If you cannot resolve your issue via Frontline Resolution or you feel the matter is significant enough to merit a formal investigation, contact a member of staff in the Department of Governance who will talk you through the Complaints Handling Procedure and help you decide how to proceed. 

如欲联络本署职员,请联络 or via telephone on +44 .

It may help you in submitting a request for a Stage 2 Complaint Investigation if you complete this form - 投诉表格2021年4月



The 不可接受的行为策略 sets out expected standards of behaviours for anyone using the Complaints Handling Procedure and specifies how we will manage cases where behaviour is problematic.


If a complainant has exhausted all of the stages of the University Complaints Handling Procedure and they are dissatisfied with the way in which their complaint has been handled by the University then they have the right to take their case to the 苏格兰公共服务监察专员 (SPSO). The SPSO will consider the case and make a decision on whether or not to investigate.

The SPSO can only consider complaints when they have been through all stages of the University’s Complaints Handling Procedure.  SPSO通常无法处理投诉:-

  • where you have not gone all the way through the University's Complaints Handling Procedure;
  • more than 12 months after you become aware of the matter you want to complain about, or;
  • 已经或正在法庭上考虑的.

Visit the SPSO website for information on how to complain to the SPSO and how the SPSO handles complaints.

Complaints Overview