大发软件正在努力为所有人创建一个可访问的网站. The structure of the website and how it displays information is designed to be accessible.

本网站正在定期审查中. We use a quality assurance application to identify any issues and make improvements on a monthly basis. There will be occasions, however, when these changes have not yet been made. 检查所有新内容以确保合规.

If you have any problems accessing pages or documents published on this website and would like a copy in a different format, please email, call or write to us at:

+ 1234



Glasgow Caledonian University

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大发软件的许多出版物可以采用其他格式, including large type, braille and community languages. 大发软件会审核您的请求,并在5个工作日内回复您.

Accessibility statement

此可访问性语句适用于, and



  • 改变颜色、对比度和字体
  • 放大到300%而不让文本溢出屏幕
  • 使用键盘浏览网站的大部分内容
  • 使用语音识别软件浏览大部分网站
  • listen to most of the website using a screen reader (including the most recent versions of JAWS, NVDA and VoiceOver)


AbilityNet 如果你有残疾,有没有建议让你的设备更容易使用.

How accessible this website is


  • 您不能修改文本的行高或间距
  • 使用屏幕阅读器时,不能直接跳到主要内容
  • most older PDF documents are not fully accessible to screen reader software
  • 实时视频流没有字幕
  • Legacy sub-sites that are archived, but not updated, as part of their funding terms
Feedback and contact information

如果您想提供对本网站的一般反馈, not requiring a response, please email


大发软件一直在寻求提高这个网站的可访问性. If you find any problems not listed on this page or think we’re not meeting accessibility requirements, contact:

+ 1234



Glasgow Caledonian University

Cowcaddens Road

Glasgow, G4 0BA


Enforcement procedure

The Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) is responsible for enforcing the Public Sector Bodies (Websites and Mobile Applications) (No. 2) 2018年无障碍规则(“无障碍规则”). 如果你不满意大发软件对你投诉的回应, 联系平等咨询和支持服务(EASS).


该大学的联系方式详见 Contact Us section of our website. 

英国手语(BSL)用户可以通过以下方式大发软件下载 contactSCOTLAND-BSL是苏格兰的国家车贴语翻译视频转播服务.

如果你是来拜访大发软件的,大发软件的 Campus map 提供校园建筑概览. 如果您无法在大发软件的“大发软件下载”页面查看地图,请 打电话、发邮件或写信给大发软件问路. 有关校园楼宇的详细使用指引,请参阅大发软件的 AccessAble website.


Glasgow Caledonian University is committed to making its website accessible, in accordance with the Public Sector Bodies (Websites and Mobile Applications) (No. 2) Accessibility Regulations 2018.

Compliance status

本网站部分符合 网站内容可访问性指引第2版.1 AA标准,由于不符合和豁免列出如下.

Non-accessible content




有些图像没有合适的文本替代, 因此,使用屏幕阅读器的人无法访问信息. We use a quality assurance application to identify these images and inform content editors of the requirement to change these. This fails WCAG 2.1 success criterion 1.1.1 (non-text content).

We plan to add text alternatives for all images which convey information by December 2021. When we publish new content we’ll make sure our use of images meets accessibility standards.

Issues with PDFs and documents

Some of our PDFs and Word documents are essential to providing our services. For example, 大发软件有课程规格的pdf文件(psp), our fees and refund policy.

By December 2021, we plan to either fix these or replace them with accessible HTML pages. Any new PDFs or Word documents we publish will meet accessibility standards.

Issues with text

Some link text doesn’t make sense when read on its own (for example, ‘click here’). 大发软件计划修复现有的链接,其中使用通用文本(点击这里, read more, find out more) by December 2021. We use a quality assurance application to identify any new link text and notify content editors of the requirement to change these.

Some older tables are not labelled with proper headers and column attributes. We have a programme of work to remove or upgrade these tables by December 2021.

并非所有头文件都被正确嵌套. 大发软件计划在2021年12月之前解决这个问题. We use a quality assurance application to identify these issues and inform content editors of the requirement to change these.


On some pages, there is no way to skip the repeated content in the page header (for example, a ‘skip to main content’ option), 大发软件计划在2021年12月之前解决这个问题.

Collapsible content on some pages is not able to be opened using a keyboard. 大发软件计划在2021年12月之前解决这个问题.

当你用tab键浏览网页时,键盘焦点并不总是可见的, 大发软件计划在2021年12月之前解决这个问题.

Hamburger ‘In this section’ menus on mobile view are not accessible by keyboard. We are investigating this issue.

Interactive tools and transactions

Some of our interactive forms are difficult to navigate using a keyboard. For example, some form controls are missing a ‘label’ tag and some of our forms are built and hosted through third party software and ‘skinned’ to look like our website. 在大发软件的网站上建立的表格,大发软件的目标是到2021年9月修复. 大发软件正在调查托管表单和第三方表单的使用情况.

大发软件正在研究浮动聊天窗口的可访问性问题. 大发软件计划在2021年12月之前解决这个问题.

主页上没有视频的音频版本. 大发软件计划在2021年12月之前解决这个问题.

It’s not always possible to change the device orientation from horizontal to vertical without making it more difficult to view the content. We are investigating this issue.

Our advertising campaign landing pages are built on a different code base, which does not meet all WCAG 2.1 requirements. 这些仅用于付费广告. 大发软件计划在2021年12月之前解决这个问题.

Module catalogue pages are built on different code base and cannot be moved to standard 大发软件 templates. These will be replaced with the integration to the new Student Management System due in July 2022.

Disproportionate burden

作为大发软件正在进行的可访问性评估的一部分, we are assessing the cost of fixing issues with navigation and accessing information, 并与交互工具和交易相关 disproportionate burden英国将在2021年迁移到一个新的、完全兼容的代码库. All development work, including accessibility fixes, 停止在旧的代码库为升级做准备. Updated 26 August 2021.


PDFs and other documents

The accessibility regulations do not require us to fix PDFs or other documents published before 23 September 2018 如果他们对提供大发软件的服务不是必不可少的. 例如,大发软件不打算修复

Any new PDFs or Word documents we publish will meet accessibility standards.  We will continue to fix or replace our essential PDF and Word documents with accessible HTML pages (see above section: non-compliance with the accessibility regulations Issues with PDFs and documents for more information)


We do not plan to add captions to live video streams because live video is 不符合可访问性规则.

Some video does not have captions and we do not plan to add captions because video published before 23rd September 2020 is 不符合可访问性规则

Reproductions of some items from the University archive and from heritage collections may not be fully accessible; these are 不符合可访问性规则.


该声明于2020年7月16日编写. 最后一次审查是在2021年8月26日.

The University’s Department of Communication and Digital Engagement uses two methods of testing for accessibility.

Automated testing

学校投资了一个网站质量提升平台, SiteImprove, which performs a 详细检查WCAG 2的内容和功能.1 AA compliance. 这个工具是跨两个gcu实现的 and英国域并提供正在进行的和新问题的每周报告. You can 下载完整的易用性测试报告

Manual testing 

本网站上一次人工测试是在2020年12月. 测试在大约10%的gcu上进行 webpages which included a selection of pages with a variety of templates, page layouts and components.


大发软件致力于提供一个包容和无障碍的网站. The University has invested in a new website, which is designed specifically to meet the WCAG 2.0 AA requirements. 这个新网站将于2021年上线. 

Our accessibility roadmap shows how and when we plan to improve accessibility on this website. 如欲索取无障碍道路图,请联络大发软件


大发软件致力于提供包容的学生体验, which offers all students the opportunity to achieve their full potential.

Our Disability Team provides advice, information and services to disabled students and applicants.

Please contact our student support team if you have any queries relating to your own needs, or if you wish to know more about 大发软件对残疾学生的支持.